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Herbert Maria Welter 
Animal Welfare Foundation

Without detours - directly for the benefit of the animals

The goal

We have made it our goal to ensure that the donations reach the animals to the greatest extent possible. 
No money is wasted on unnecessary bureaucracy.
We want to give everything for the animals!

Success data

Successes achieved since foundation, facts and figures

Meals for animals

In cooperation with volunteers and various pet food shops, we could provide more than 28,000 meals for animals and thus protect many animals from hunger, disease and death.
Status: 15.02.2023

Animal life improved

Through vet visits, placements, cat shelters and feeding stations, we have been able to make a clear difference to the lives of more than 300 animals. For dogs, cats, bears and wild birds. Elephants and sea creatures are also on our agenda.
Status: Status: 15.02.2023

Directly to the destination

Our declared and ambitious goal of giving the largest possible share of the funds directly to the animals, a complete success in 2022. Your themed donation reaches the goal you have chosen without detours.
Status: 15.02.2023
96.040 €

for animal welfare

We have already invested more than € 90,000 directly for animal welfare. To achieve our goal of giving as much as possible to the animals and their welfare, we have also made sustainable investments.
Status: 15.02.2023
What is special about the Herbert and Maria Welter Animal Welfare Foundation?
We are characterised by the fact that we ourselves actively support the placement / adoption of animals directly. On this page you will find animals that are longing for a loving home. The foundation always focuses on being close to the animals and their well-being!


If you have any questions or wish to help, please do not hesitate to contact us! 
We look forward to your help at any time!


Herbert and Maria Welter
Animal Welfare Foundation
Kautexstrasse 4b
D-52339 Bonn

Animal Welfare Foundation donation account
IBAN: DE47 3705 0198 1934 9865 12 
Savings Bank CologneBonn

Your donation can be claimed against tax

Registered as Herbert and Maria Welter Tierschutzstiftung Bezirksregierung Köln,  
Ref: 20/15.2.1-24/18

Notice of exemption: 
As a non-profit corporation, exempt from corporation tax according to §5 I 9 KStg. under tax number 206/5865/1162

© Welter Shelter Germany 2023

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Contact form

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We and the animals are happy about any help! If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!
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